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We conceive and develop projects with the innovation spirit your particular case demands, supported in a vast experience in the management of various raw materials used in different industries.

In the end of each project we want to feel that we worked to improve your company. Therefore we garantee, now, the total operability and efficiency of our solutions.

All the equipments integrated on these solutions are designed to meet your investment strategy and to fit your available space and correct layout.


Beside other applications, you will find at Metalogonde the ability to create and build personalised solutions for:

Plants for storing, dosing, batch weighing and pneumatic conveying of powders and granule size bulk materials – PVC resins, CaCO3, polyethylenes, polystyrenes, etc.

Additives Stations, for storing, dosing weighing and conveying solid and liquid additives – TiO2, stabilizers, colour pigments, waxes, plasticizers, etc.

Automatic feeding plants for mixers, dryers, granulators, extruders and injection machines.

Complete plants for handling and storing recycled materials and their reintegration on your production process.

Dedusting centralized systems and local air filtering.


Certification APCER // IQNet Certification

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