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Who are we?

“METALOGONDE” is a global brand, known for the quality of its products and services for handling raw materials in bulk.

The worldwide presence of METALOGONDE products results from the rigorous work of our Engineering Department and the total dedication of our Project Managers, Mechanical Engineers, Product Designers, Electrical Engineers, Programmers, Production Engineers, Machine Operators, Welders, Product Assemblers, Electricians, Quality Supervisors and all administrative personnel.

At METALOGONDE, we are fully focused on bulk materials handling technology.

Our daily activity is the development, manufacture, assembly and technical assistance of equipment for the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Plastics, Cement, Foundries, and Fertilizer industries among others, for moving and processing powders and granule size solid products.

We design and manufacture according to each project needs.

Each job is a unique challenge and our team is well prepared to present you with a complete solution, based on extensive knowledge of the technology and our vast experience in handling hundreds of different industrial raw materials.

Our history

We were born in 1993 by the hands of Mr. Rui Jorge. Mr. Rui Jorge, an extraordinary mechanical engineer, dedicated himself with great enthusiasm to the foundation of our company. Besides all the technical legacy accumulated over the many years he devoted to Mechanical Engineering and to working for some of the world’s most important manufacturers of industrial process equipment, he left us his enormous courage and determination. His values keep inspiring and motivating us daily to work hard on each new project.

Today, METALOGONDE is a modern company, committed to the continuous training of its technical staff and the non-stop improvement of its internal organization.

We are now 50 professionals, equipped with the most recent metalworking production machines, working with great enthusiasm, with respect and appreciation of everyone, and aiming to leave our best contribution to a healthier, fairer and more environmentally friendly society.

Our products

We design and build a wide range of industrial equipment, according to your needs and the requirements of each bulk handling plant. We work with the creativity and innovative spirit that your particular project requires, supported by our vast experience accumulated during hundreds of applications made for unloading, storage, dosing, weighing, conveying and processing of all types of bulk materials.


Solid and liquid raw materials arrive to your plant packed in bags, big-bags, bins, tanker trucks, among others. At METALOGONDE you will find the perfect solution to receive and unload each of these products comfortably, without loses, dust or cross contamination.

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Silos, tanks and other reservoirs need to be designed and build wisely in order to properly store and conserve your bulk materials. With our experience and know-how, it will be easy to find the best solution!

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Dosing and Weighing

Your recipes are essential to the quality and success of your product. Dosing and weighing accurately is critical. We are experts and we will help you achieve excellent results! Dosing and weighing accurately is critical. We are experts and we will help you achieve excellent results!

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Pneumatic Conveying

We move all types of raw materials, powders and granules while preserving their characteristics. In positive pressure or under vacuum conveying, the possibilities are endless. Consult us! Contact us!

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Mixing and Separating

We mix to join! We sift to separate! We design and build customized rotary mixers and vibrating sifters. Show us what you need and be surprised by our ideas!

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