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We have the perfect solution for your project!

No two projects are the same. Despite the hundreds of raw material handling systems that we have implemented in the Plastics Industry throughout our history, each new challenge is unique and ultimate success is only within the reach of experts!

From the reception of raw materials in tanker trucks, big-bags or sacks, to the final product ready to be packed, extruded or injected, we will design to you the best layout for a simple and efficient production process.

Our silos, feeders, scales, filters, mixers and conveying systems are specially designed to handle and process resins, polymers, fillers, additives and recycled materials. They incorporate the technological advances developed over more than 30 years of experience in the Plastics sector and they keep improving every day!

PVC compounds

Plastic polymer compounds

PVC extrusion and injection

Extrusion and injection of polyolefins

Plastic recycling

Thermoforming and Lamination



Rotational molding

Rubbers and tires

All the equipment and technical solutions are designed to meet your company’s working methods, assuring correct integration in your factory layout and, moreover, respecting your investment strategy. Contact us for more information.